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3 things your website header should have to leave a good impression

Have you ever typed in a search term on Google, clicked in to the first promising link that you see, only to find that you land on a website that you want to leave almost immediately?

This could be due to cluttered messages, jarring fonts and colors, a page title that does not tell you why you should continue to scroll... the list goes on!

First impressions count.

That is why we make it a point to ensure that our website headers are effective.

A website header is the top section of your webpage. It's the very first thing your potential customer will see. You need to have a website header that shows these 3 things to convert browsers into buyers:

(1) A Strong Header: Customers need to know at the first glance that they made the right choice to click into your website, because you will solve their problems.

(2) Images of Success: Everyone wants to experience a better life, your customer needs to know that a positive change will take place if they use your service or product.

(3) An Obvious Call-to-Action: After being convinced, your customer needs to know how they can do business with you, and the next step to move forward needs to be placed in a clear position. P.S. the top right-hand corner of your website is prime real estate and ideal for a call-to-action.

Here's an example:

A good website header closes half the sale.

It keeps your customers on your website so that they can find more reasons to purchase from your site.

Get a website with a header that can do just that. Click here to Schedule A Call and let’s get started.

Win Customers With Better Marketing.

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