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Spoiler Alert

Spoil your market



(adj.) a term used to describe somebody who does something which makes everyone else look bad or not as high achieving, thus upstaging ‘everyone else. “That project really spoilmrkt!”


Also read: “market spoiler” - one who outperforms his/her peers in any situation, in essence, making everyone else look bad.

(v.) used in economics to describe an event which disrupts market forces that influence natural movement of supply and demand.


“Spoil the Market”. (n.) What your brand will do in its industry.

Spoilmarket Singapore Top Marketing Agency

With an ever-changing digital marketing landscape, we understand that it can be frustrating to have a great product or service, but not be able to convey your message to your customers.


At Spoilmrkt, we partner with you to create an effective marketing plan to get your product noticed and help in growing your business online.

Receive results that will help you get seen and heard.

We are:
We think creatively, to not only produce designs that represent your brand, but to solve problems and come up with radical solutions.
We take initiative. We understand that to make a change, we need to first take action, and will make the necessary choices to get there.
We understand that the success of our clients depend on a strong marketing message, and we will use the right channels to get there.
Cassandra Lau


I’m Cass (@casslauu)

As the chief everything officer of Spoilmrkt, Cass brings her experience from helping many small businesses gain a digital presence since starting up. Her passion lies in helping businesses create supportive communities for people to thrive in, and she uses her creativity and experience to do just that.

Right now, Spoilmrkt is a one (wo)man show, with Cass at the helm. We are on the lookout for new members to join the team with a desire to help businesses grow, so drop us your CV and we can arrange a chat!

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