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A.I.D.A - The Age-Old Formula for Writing Success

Updated: Oct 12, 2022



No it doesn’t mean that I’m imitating something but it is a term used very often in writing marketing text.

“Copywriting” therefore, is the act of creating copy that motivates the reader to take action.

This means that your words used in your sales copy needs to be engaging and impactful.

Why is copywriting important?

For businesses, good quality copy leads to sales.

And good copy, isn’t simply developed after writing those 101 comprehension papers in Primary School. It takes PRACTICE.

But for those of us who are a little behind the curve, there is a FORMULA you can use, which has been proven to be more effective in selling than the many others out there.


First, get their ATTENTION. The first word or line in your copy or speech. At least get them to read (or hear what you have to say).

Now that you’ve got their attention, get them to WANT TO go deeper into what you have to say by stirring up their INTEREST to want to learn more.

Then, make them DESIRE what you have to offer. Show them what life could look like with your product or service! We call this the “success story”. Show them an example of someone’s life that was greatly improved by it, and how they too can see the same results.

Then finally, call them to take ACTION… and make this EASY. Hold them by the hand and get them to go and buy it, or click a link, or sign up for your newsletter!

AIDA can be applied anywhere! Here is an example that you could see applying in your everyday life:

Goal: Convince someone that dating apps will be useful to meet someone they could spend the rest of their life with.


    • Aren’t you tired of attending weddings and family dinners, only to be asked: “When are you getting a girlfriend/boyfriend?” again?

    • The thought of putting yourself out there, socialising, and getting to know someone seems like such a tedious process doesn’t it?

    • Well if you got on those dating apps, it wouldn’t be an issue!


    • Did you know, that 1 out of 10 dating relationships formed through apps have resulted in an engagement or marriage?

    • That could be you!


    • Think about it. If you got on a dating app:

    • … you wouldn’t have to leave the comfort of your home to find THE ONE.

    • … you can be sure that only someone who is interested in your bio would click on you, eliminating a few people in the process.

    • … you get access to people around the country that you’d never have the opportunity to meet.

    • … PLUS, mum and dad may finally get off your back.


    • Set up your profile now!

Goal: Convince a customer to sign up with a Personal Fitness Trainer


    • Hey you! Looking to lose a couple of pounds, and feel better about the way that you look?

    • Tired of trying all kinds of diets and exercise routines, only to find that you’ve fallen off the bandwagon one too many times?


    • If all you have in your day is 60 minutes, why waste that time staring at a bunch of gym equipment trying to figure out what to do, when you can have someone do the thinking for you!


    • All our clients who thought of "giving this a shot", saw results in just 3 months, feeling happier and healthier. That could be your story too!


    • Make an appointment to chat with our fitness instructors today!

A good way to plan what you’d like to include in your AIDA copy is to plan “subject lines”. These are headers that you brainstorm to help frame your copy. Neville Medhora, recommends THREE LENSES to consider when writing.

(1) Competitive: Create an aggressive headline to show how you can “beat others”.

(2) Benefit Driven: This shows the benefits of what your product or service does — testimonials work well here.

(3) Inspirational: Show that “even you” can do something. Paint a picture of the user getting some benefit from your product/service.

Depending on the tone of the copy, these lenses, together with the AIDA framework will help you write in a way that makes people take ACTION.

The AIDA formula doesn’t guarantee success, but it will sure as anything get you pretty close to it.

Good luck!

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